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***Coronavirus and Stocktakes***

We are very hopeful that we do not experience any more coronvirus waves, however we are prepared if that does happen. We have drawn on the experience of the previous waves to establish a procedure to follow in the event we experience another coronavirus wave significant enough for schools to revert to remote learning.

Firstly, we establish if we are a business that is allowed to operate in the current restrictions. Assuming that we are, then clearly the school and us need to also be confident that the stocktake can be done safely. For example, if specialist schools have most children on site then social distancing would likely be difficult in that environment. Even though we may be technically allowed to work in the school, we would look at safer options for doing the stocktake such as deferring it until the next school holidays, or look at doing their stocktake on weekends and after hours. We do not want to exclude any schools, however we may have to be creative in finding a safe solution.

However the reality is that most schools only utilise a tiny fraction of their space during remote learning. This means that the stocktakers can go about their work without the risk of social distancing being compromised. The few rooms that are used can easily be done at a time when no-one is in them. In fact quite a few schools have approached us to get the stocktakes done during remote learning for this very reason. Ironically, it also makes it easier to stocktake because assets are not being moved around the school while the stocktake is being done.

One of the fortunate aspects of our stocktaking method is that we only have one stocktaker per stocktake. We have always worked like this, meaning that each stocktaker stays at the one school until it is done. The reason we have worked this way is to ensure the stocktake is more consistent with the one person doing it. The fact that it may take several days or even weeks to do allows the stocktaker to catch up with staff. If the stocktake was done only on one day by many stocktakers, there is a big risk that some key school staff would not be available on that particular day.

Conveniently, this is clearly also the method of least risk as identified in our COVID-safe plan. One of issues raised on the standard government COVID-safe plan template asks what strategies the organisation is implementing in order to minimise the number of sites workers attend. With this in mind, imagine the situation of four schools to be done by four stocktakers over four days, which could be done in one of two ways. This first, more riskier way, is that all four stocktakers do the same school and finish it in a day, and do each of the fours schools like this. However a much safer way is for all of the four stocktakers do only one school each in that time, taking them four days each to complete the stocktake. Not only is each stocktaker visting only one school instead of four, they are also never in the same workplace as each other.

Although like everyone we are hoping that we do not have any more significant returns of coronvirus cases, we have a plan to be able to continue to work safely (if allowed). We'd like to thank the schools that helped us through this uncertain time by going ahead with their stocktakes where they were able to, it made the difference from us having no work at all to having at least some stocktakes. We made the decision right at the start that we were not going to reduce our staff numbers due to a lack of work, and we have been able to keep to that decision thanks to some schools still going ahead with their stocktakes and then the substantial government initiatives like JobKeeper etc.

Finally in the event that we do experience more coronavirus waves similar to what we have beeen through already, it is a lot more helpful to to us if you keep your bookings until either the job is done or something comes up that prevents it, even at the last moment. This approach was really helpful previously - obviously the coronavirus situation can change rapidly whilst in the midst of a wave and it is absolutely no trouble at all for you to cancel a stocktake even on the morning it is supposed to start. We communicated this to schools at the time and it worked very well. Both the schools and us were of the understanding that the stocktake could be cancelled or postponed at any moment as indeed happened on occasions - which was completely fine and understandable. However in the majority of times, the stocktakes did not have to be cancelled and were able to be done. This was such a better outcome than having all stocktakes cancelled simply because there was not a 100% guarantee of them going ahead. Again we would really like to say a big thank-you to schools for being happy to operate this way when it may have been easier to just cancel or postpone the stocktake based on the uncertainty. It has given jobs to our stocktakers when they would have otherwise had none, and also got the stocktake ticked off for those schools with one thing less to worry about for them as things return closer to normal.

Wes Stecher
Director at A for Assets

Welcome to our Website

Who are We?

A for Assets is a stocktaking company run by myself (Wes Stecher) along with my wife Georgina and we have seen the business grow over that time to what it is today. We started out being involved with asset stocktakes for Victorian Government Schools back in 1997 and still are today. We work all over the state from Portland to Mildura in the west, to Albury, across to Corryong and down to Sale in the east, and we also work in partnership with Eeny Stocktaking in NSW.

We pride ourselves on providing schools with a quality asset stocktake solution in accordance the department guidelines as well as VMIA insurance requirements. To find out what other schools think of us, ask them via the Business Manager Google Group.

Georgina and I and our youngest children (we have four) have lived at Phillip Island since 2017 but have our house in a small town called Strathewen which was greatly affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. We rebuilt in Strathewen but moved to the island to escape the bushfire threat each year. Our children are the 7th generation of our family to live in Strathewen.

Change of our Business Name from Wesnet to A for Assets

We decided to change our name at the beginning of the 2020 year from Wesnet to A for Assets. We had intended to launch this officially at the Business Manager conference meeting in March 2020 however it was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Who could have guessed back then what the world would be like less than 3 months later with the coronavirus dominating all our lives to this extent? Nonetheless we are still the same company, we have the same ABN, and the same wonderful staff.

Why the Name Change?

There are a few reasons why we wanted to change our name: - We wanted to have a name that reflect more what we do. Initially, it was only me doing IT support as Wesnet Computer Services and later becoming just Wesnet.

- We have developed a bold new way of stocktaking that we have implemented as of 2020 which we call Post Matching. This helps us to remove the guesswork that is sometimes required when matching is required during the stocktake.

- We have also obtained a 1300 number and have a new logo. We have kept our new logo very much like our old Wesnet logo because so many people still know us as Wesnet, and we want to keep the link between old and new as close as possible.

- It makes it easier to pass the business along to our children or whoever when that time comes (not for a long time yet!)

Our younger children are disappointed we have changed the name as they have known Wesnet all their lives and indeed it was a bit sad to say goodbye to our old name after 23 years, but also exciting and invigorating to have a new name.