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Please bear with us, this is our new website that we will be constantly changing with updates on our work with regards to the coronavirus. Once things settle down, we will develop a more permanent website.

***Coronavirus Update***

Tuesday 19th April 2020 to now (After a week of term 2)

Well term 2 is well and truly underway with remote learning in place and what an incredible feat to attempt. To their absolute credit, schools have achieved this, and with very little time to get it done. Three of our own four children are at school age and are engaged in remote learning so we are seeing it working first hand.

Since the last half of term 1, we have been prepared at any time for schools to have been closed completely, and for asset stocktakes to have been completely stopped. Earlier on, Australia's rate of coronvirus infection was increasing at a rate where it appeared to be only a matter of time before we were like some of the worst affect countries in the world. However things have turned out a lot better than those early forecasts. Although we are hopeful that Australia's situation will continue to improve as it has been, we are still prepared for things to get worse should that happen.

Asset Stocktakes - Term 2

The school holidays provided a good time to get some stocktakes done because there were no students in schools. Like you probably were, we were waiting to see what term 2 looked like and planning for the case that most of the students were going to return to school. However less than 5% of the students attended this week, so the vast majority of students did not attend schools. In addition, a lot of school staff are also working from home. This has made our stocktaking job a lot easier than what we had imagined, although there are still some adjustments that need to be made.

Can Your Asset Stocktake Currently be Done?

The short answer is yes, and stocktakes have been and continue to be completed in many schools, however there are a few coronavirus-related issues which may stop any particular stocktake going ahead. Leaving the coronavirus issue aside for just a moment, it is actually a great time to get the stocktake done given the minimal number of students and staff in the school. Items tend not to move around during the stocktake, almost all classrooms are empty and the few rooms that are used can be kept well clear of until they are not being used, such as after school etc.

However the coronavirus issue can't be ignored of course, after all schools are only this empty at the moment due to coronavirus concerns. In order for your stocktake to be able to go ahead, all of the following conditions must be met, bearing in mind these may change at any time:

- Government policy allows schools to be open and able to operate.

- DET policy allows schools and support services like ours to operate.

- Our own policy allows us to do the stocktake at the school, and that is done on a case by case basis.

- The school's own policy allows support services like ours to operate, which is a decision made by each school.

Government and DET Policy
Clearly if either of the first two items in the above list prevent us from doing stocktakes in schools, all stocktakes will immediately stop. Although possible, it now seems unlikely either of these policies will change in the near future given what term 2 has looked like so far in terms of numbers of students and staff attending schools in person.

A for Assets Policy
In terms of our own policy, we have updated it on several occasions as the situation has dictated, including electing not to do some types of schools as normal due to coronavirus concerns. These decisions are made by regularly consulting the stocktakers as they are the ones seeing first hand what schools are like. However we have also not wanted to exclude any schools if at all possible, and so we have worked hard to provide options for schools wanting their stocktake done, such as looking at weekends and after school if required. However since the start of term 2, and the very low average attendence numbers, then we are almost certainly able to do all school during normal school times, assuming that their on-site attendence numbers are not drastically higher to the average. Each stocktake is still assessed on a case by case basis.

Despite the low numbers in schools at the start of term 2, it is still the case that the stocktaker will need to plan with the school about doing those areas that are being used by students in the school. Upon arriving for the stocktake, the stocktaker will start in an area with no students at all, and get a feel for what the school is like. During this time, the stocktaker can discover what areas are being used by students, and create a plan with the school to get these areas done at times when there are no students, and minimal or no staff present. In any case the stocktakers are used to doing this under normal circumstances because they need to get classrooms done while no students are in them, such as lunchtimes, after school, etc. At the moment most classrooms are empty anyway so this is not difficult to achieve, however care is also taken to avoid staff where possible as well which is not normally the case.

Your Own School's Policy
Your own school's own policy will be the most likely factor in determining whether or not you are able to have your stocktake done at this time. We are finding a very varied array of policies ranging from wanting to wait until the whole coronavirus issue is over, to being happy to get it done while there are so few people in the school and having one less thing to worry about when things return to normal. By now most schools are aware of what their own policy is in this regard. For our planning, it is really helpful to us if you can let us know what you school's policy is.

Modifications to the Stocktake Process

Clearly if your school's policy is not to do the stocktake at this time then stocktake will not be done, however if your school is going ahead with the stocktake there are a few things that are being done a bit differently.

Equipment offsite for remote learning

One of the obvious things that need addressing is the vast amount of school equipment that is home with staff and students for remote learning. This is similar to items like musical instruments which can be hired out to students for a term or so, and also items like student devices which are normally with the student anyway. We have made some modifications in our software to handle this situation for remote learning becasue clearly this equipment will initially show as not be sighted in the stocktake. We have implemented a facility to track devices that are used with remote learning, however this does however require that the school's IT people have records (ideally electronic records such as spreadssheets) of what equipment is out with staff and students.

What if my school has no records of what equipment is out for remote learning?
In this case, we think it is better to not have your stocktake done at this time. This is simply because so many devices will be unaccounted for and it is not good enough to simply presume they are at the homes of students and staff. We feel that in this case that it is simply not value for money for your school to have a stocktake done, and you are better of waiting for the students and staff to return to school so that the physcial devices can be sighted.

What if my school does know what equipment has been sent out for remote learning?
We imagine that most schools would be keeping a track of what equipment they have loaned out for remote learning. We can integrate this information into the stocktake results although the way we do this will be slightly differnet for each school, depnding on how that data has been recorded. Ironically, handing our equipment for remote learning may mean that the school keeps more of a tab on this equipment and if that is the case, it actually leads to the stocktake being more accurate. Again, this is only if these records have been kept.

Our software now has a facility to record that an asset is at home for remote learning, and also which staff member declared this to be the case. Other information can also be recorded including the student or staff member who has the asset, and this info can even be uploaded into C21. More details will be available once your stocktake has been done and the results have been finalised.

Post stocktake work
Currently the post stocktake work is not done on site because it is not necessary to be done there. There is only one time-critical part that needs to be done in C21 after the stocktake which only takes a minute or two. The stocktaker can either talk the Business Mangaer through this, or it can be done on the phone. The remainder of the prep work, sorting out the assets to present to School Council for release, preparing the list of assets that require their locations updated etc can all be done off site.

Currently we have a lot of this post stocktake work to do because we had been saving it up in order to give our stocktakers work in the event we were no longer able to work in schools. This was part of our worst case scenario strategy, however that has not eventuated so far. At this stage a portion of schools are opting to not to have their stocktakes done at this point, and this has meant that the stocktakers are starting to look at getting this work done. This means that there will be a bit of a lag after getting the stocktake done, however we are beginning to catch this work up, and we can also prioritse schools if they require it done sooner rather than later. In any case schools need to get School Council approval for releases so there would ordinarily be a bit of a lag in the process anyway, and the the time-critical part will have already been done. More details will be provided to you relevent to your particular case.

Aside from these things, most other aspects of the stocktake remain as normal other than the stocktaker obviously needing to avoid areas with people.

Wes Stecher
Director at A for Assets

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Welcome to our Website

Who are We?

A for Assets is a stocktaking company run by myself (Wes Stecher) along with my wife Georgina and we have seen the business grow over that time to what it is today. We started out being involved with asset stocktakes for Victorian Government Schools back in 1997 and still are today. We work all over the state from Portland to Mildura in the west, to Albury, across to Corryong and down to Sale in the east, and we also work in partnership with Eeny Stocktaking in NSW.

We pride ourselves on providing schools with a quality asset stocktake solution in accordance the department guidelines as well as VMIA insurance requirements. To find out what other schools think of us, ask them via the Business Manager Google Group.

Georgina and I and our youngest children (we have four) have lived at Phillip since 2017 but have our house in a small town called Strathewen which was greatly affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. We rebuilt in Strathewen but moved to the island to escape the bushfire threat each year. Our children are the 7th generation of our family to live in Strathewen.

Change of our Business Name from Wesnet to A for Assets

We decided to change our name at the beginning of the 2020 year from Wesnet to A for Assets. We had intended to launch this officially at the Business Manager conference meeting in March 2020 however it was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Who could have guessed back then what the world would be like less than 3 months later with the coronavirus dominating all our lives to this extent? Nonetheless we are still the same company, we have the same ABN, and the same wonderful staff.

Why the Name Change?

There are a few reasons why we wanted to change our name: - We wanted to have a name that reflect more what we do. Initially, it was only me doing IT support as Wesnet Computer Services and later becoming just Wesnet.

- We have developed a bold new way of stocktaking that we have implemented as of 2020 which we call Post Matching. This helps us to remove the guesswork that is sometimes required when matching is required during the stocktake.

- We have also obtained a 1300 number and have a new logo. We have kept our new logo very much like our old Wesnet logo because so many people still know us as Wesnet, and we want to keep the link between old and new as close as possible.

- It makes it easier to pass the business along to our children or whoever when that time comes (not for a long time yet!)

Our younger children are disappointed we have changed the name as they have known Wesnet all their lives and indeed it is a bit of a sad time after 23 years to say goodbye to our old name, but also exciting and invigorating to have a new name.