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New: Vaccination Certificates and Other Compliance Docs

Please see our client help page for information regarding our compliance documents such as vaccination certificates, workcover, public liability insurance, etc.

***Stocktakes During Lockdowns / Remote Learning***

We are prepared for the occasions where schools are thrown into remote learning at short notice, and we can adapt quickly in terms of being able to start, stop, postpone and juggle stocktakes at very short notice. Drawing on the experience of previous waves, we have established a procedure to follow when lockdowns occur as follows:

1. Be Constantly Aware of the Current Situation

There are a number of factors that determine whether we can or will operate in any given set of restrictions, any one of which may prevent our stocktakers from being able to start or continue a stocktake at the school. For any particular set of circumstances, stocktakes may be postponed, or immediately halted if already started. The factors that determine if and when this happens are:
- Changes in government policy in response to the current situation
- Changes in school policy in response to the current situation
- Changes in A for Assets policy in response to the current situation
- Last but certainly not least - common sense!

2. Don't Pre-empt Future Circumstances but be Prepared for Last Second Changes (Be Adaptable)

For existing bookings, we request that you keep them unless circumstances change that require the booking to be postponed (or halted if already started). In the majority of cases, the scheduled stocktakes have been able to go ahead, despite the occasional ones needing to be postponed at the last moment as the COVID situation changes. It is far less disruptive to keep bookings with the understanding that they may be cancelled right up to the last moment, rather than postponing them because of circumstances that may or may not eventuate.

To date, this approach has worked really well and it has meant that a lot of schools have been able to have their stocktakes completed when they otherwise would not have been able to had they postponed due to being uncertain as to what the future holds. By working like this, we have had the odd occasion where stocktakes have been postponed on the very morning they were due to start - and that is completely fine, regardless of the reason. It may simply be that the prinicpal made the decision that very morning after looking at the present COVID situation that day, or it may be in response to a sudden lockdown etc. We understand that this is the environment we are living in and that your stocktake may need to be temporarily halted or postponed at a moment's notice. However by working like this and being prepared for these things to happen, it also enables stocktakes to be carried out despite not being completely sure if it was going to be able to happen at the time they were booked.

3. Use Common Sense

To date, schools have remained open during remote learning to cater for the small number of students for whom remote learning is not possible. At these times, schools tend to only use a tiny fraction of the school space, with the vast majority of the school being completely empty. Ironically, this provides the ideal environment for doing stocktakes - not just for negating COVID-related risks, but also because the assets being stocktaked are not moving around while the stocktake is being done.

For this reason, we actually get requests from quite a few schools to do their stocktakes during remote learning, including schools that only want the stocktake to go ahead if we are able to come in and do it during lockdown. Whilst this might initially seem to be counterintuitive, the school has deemed that the risk of the stocktake being done at their school during lockdown is lower than the risk of doing it after lockdown ends, when the staff and the students are all back at school. Whilst lockdowns are done at periods of elevated COVID risk and higher case numbers etc, it doesn't mean there is no risk once lockdown ends, and some schools understandably deem it safer for stocktakes to occur when there is hardly anyone at the school. Of course there still may be any of a number of other factors that prevent the stocktake from going ahead, however it is worth using common sense and considering doing the stocktake at times when the school is all but empty should that be possible.

Common sense can also dictate that we don't do stocktakes even when we otherwise could. Our stocktakers are the ones who guide our company in this regard because they are best qualified to know what it is like in schools in the COVID environment that happens to be present at any given moment. For example, at times we have opted to postpone stocktakes for specialist schools - even if the school is happy for it to go ahead. This is because social distancing may not be possible at specialist schools and although the government to date may have seen this as an unavoidable risk for specialist schools, it still makes sense to carefully choose the times that specialist schools are done. This means considering the current COVID climate at the time, the numbers of students attending specialist schools during lockdowns etc. This policy came about directly as a result of input from the stocktakers, who are encouraged to communicate their thoughts and help guide our policies in these areas.

4. Thank You for Your Patience

Finally, it can be frustrating to have events booked in that end up being postponed and/or cancelled due to a change in the current COVID situation. We are regularly shuffling the calendar around as things change and I'm sure you are as well. Schools are having their conference dates moved which I am sure creates a lot of extra work for the committee members who have to deal with changing venue bookings, notifying sponsors etc. These people are busy enough with remote learning and of course the job of just running the school - which is a massive job in itself, even without COVID.

In the same way, our office staff have been doing an amazing job at keeping things going where possible to do so. Whilst it does inevitably mean that there will be changes of dates etc for stocktakes - often at the last moment - it does also help keep everything moving where possible to do so, which just wouldn't happen if those continual efforts were not being made.

This also couldn't happen without you putting up with dates changing at times as dictated by the current situation, and being prepared to go ahead with stocktakes when possible, knowing that there could be last minute postponements etc. However by working this way and doing what we reasonably can do, it helps to keep things moving, it avoids big build ups of work in the future, and it also helps keep staff employed. Thankfully, most of the tentative work booked is able to go ahead as planned, however there are of course times when it needs to be rescheduled. I would therefore like to say a really big thank you to all of the admin staff in schools, and to our own admin staff because it is not easy on them when things change at the last minute.

Wes Stecher
Director, A for Assets

Welcome to our Website

Who are We?

A for Assets is a stocktaking company run by myself (Wes Stecher) along with my wife Georgina and we have seen the business grow over that time to what it is today. We started out being involved with asset stocktakes for Victorian Government Schools back in 1997 and still are today. We work all over the state from Portland to Mildura in the west, to Albury, across to Corryong and down to Sale in the east, and we also helped to establish Eeny Stocktaking in NSW, and work with them on an ongoing basis.

We pride ourselves on providing schools with a quality asset stocktake solution in accordance the department guidelines as well as VMIA insurance requirements. To find out what other schools think of us, ask them via the Business Manager Google Group.

Georgina and I and our youngest children (we have four) have lived at Phillip Island since 2017 but have our house in a small town called Strathewen which was greatly affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. We rebuilt in Strathewen but moved to the island to escape the bushfire threat each year. Our children are the 7th generation of our family to live in Strathewen.

Change of our Business Name from Wesnet to A for Assets

We decided to change our name at the beginning of the 2020 year from Wesnet to A for Assets. We had intended to launch this officially at the Business Manager conference meeting in March 2020 however it was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Who could have guessed back then what the world would be like less than 3 months later with the coronavirus dominating all our lives to this extent? Nonetheless we are still the same company, we have the same ABN, and the same wonderful staff.

Why the Name Change?

There are a few reasons why we wanted to change our name: - We wanted to have a name that reflect more what we do. Initially, it was only me doing IT support as Wesnet Computer Services and later becoming just Wesnet.

- We have developed a bold new way of stocktaking that we have implemented as of 2020 which we call Post Matching. This helps us to remove the guesswork that is sometimes required when matching is required during the stocktake.

- We have also obtained a 1300 number and have a new logo. We have kept our new logo very much like our old Wesnet logo because so many people still know us as Wesnet, and we want to keep the link between old and new as close as possible.

- It makes it easier to pass the business along to our children or whoever when that time comes (not for a long time yet!)

Our younger children are disappointed we have changed the name as they have known Wesnet all their lives and indeed it was a bit sad to say goodbye to our old name after 23 years, but also exciting and invigorating to have a new name.