A for Assets (formerly Wesnet)

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Welcome to our Website

Who are we?

A for Assets is a stocktaking company run by the husband and wife team of Wes (myself) and Georgina and our very capable admin team led by Sue Biviano and Fern Miller who provide support for our wonderful stocktakers. We started all the way back in January 1997 doing stocktakes for Victorian Government Schools and more recently Catholic and other Independent Schools. We work all over the state from Portland in the West, up to Mildura in the North, and across to Sale in the East. We pride ourselves on providing schools with a quality asset stocktake solution and can provide plenty of reference schools. If you are a government school, find out what other schools think of us, ask them via the statewide Business Manager's Google Group.

Georgina and I came from a little town called Strathewen just beyond the north-western outskirts of Melbourne which went through the Black Saturday bushfires. This had a big impact on our lives, especially as a CFA volunteer at the time witnessing the devastation first hand. Although we rebuilt our house after the fires, Georgie and I and the younger children of the four we have eventually decided to relocate to Phillip Island in 2017 which is where we live today.

Wes Stecher
Director, A for Assets

What do we do?

In a nutshell, we provide a complete asset stocktake service on a periodical basis for our clients (mostly schools but also some other organisations). We provide a stocktaker to go through your entire school barcoding and recording the details of your items of value. We then match up what we found to your assets register (or establish your assets register if you do not yet have one).

This is just the beginning - although the exact process depends on your system (e.g. CASES21 in government schools), we then create reports of assets we found that do not appear to be on your assets register (and can add them for you). We also give you reports of assets that are on your assets register but were not sighted in the stocktake (and can remove any that have been disposed of).

There is so much more - the assets register is updated to reflect the locations that the assets were sighted in, there are many extra things we do depending on which admin/finance system your school uses. We can supply labels if you wish to label assets yourself, etc.

We'd love to hear from you, and you can contact us using the details at the top of the page.