***Coronavirus Update***

Monday 23rd March 2020

Today we made the decision that our stocktakers will no longer use any admin keyboards for the foreseeable future to reduce the risk to both you and the stocktaker. There is only one batch that needs to be run after the stocktake and before the end of month rollover, and it only takes a minute or two can be instructed to you by the stocktaker. The remaining C21 work including releases, additions, room changes, etc can all be done at a later date. In any case, some of this work like the releases can only be done once approved by School Council.

By working like this, the other benefit is that it also builds up the amount of admin work that needs to be done which will provide work for our stocktakers if and when the government deems that it is no longer safe for anyone to enter schools. It may be that with no students in schools for now, it might be an ideal time to get stocktakes done - however we are planning for the worst case scenario where schools are shut down to everyone. We are grabbing this window of opportunity right now to get as many physical stocktakes done as we can and build up the admin work for the stocktakers to do, and we thank you so much for your support to date. We feel that sooner rather than later however, there will come a time when the government will declare that it is not safe for anyone to be in schools, even with no children present and we have planned for this eventuality. In the meantime, we are doing all we can.

To finish, I'd like to say a huge thank you to our customers for supporting us to date in very difficult times. It has been very reassuring to all of our staff, every single one of whom we have committed to support right through this crisis including our casuals. Most of you have taken the attitidue that it is fine to go ahead with the stocktake - assuming the school is still open. We are so grateful to you all for having this attitude and not being scared to do that with the possibility that it will need to be postponed at next to no notice. That's ok. We are all planning and expecting stocktakes to be cancelled at the last second through no-one's fault, and that will probably happen as the restrictions (rightfully) increase as per the advice from the medical experts. So a deep, deep felt thank you from me, my family and our wonderful family of staff.

More updates will be provided as details comes to hand.

Wes Stecher
Director at A for Assets

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