A for Assets Client Help Page

This page has handy information for our clients and will grow over time with more resources.

A for Assets Details

ABN: 17 980 563 729
ACN: 105 558 316
Registered Business Name: A for Assets**
Address: PO Box 904, Cowes, VIC 3922
Website: a4assets.com.au
Enquiries: enquiries@a4assets.com.au (Click to create an email to us)

**Note: For the time being, both A for Assets and Wesnet are registered business names for our business. We are gradually changing over our documentation to A for Assets, but in the meantime you may see documents referring to both names.

A for Assets Compliance Documents (New: Staff Vaccination Certificates)

Update 18/10/21: Our staff (including all of our stocktakers) who attend schools or conferences have all had their first vaccinations and those few that have not yet received both vaccinations are booked for their second one prior to the end of October 2021. For privacy reasons, these vaccination certificates are not linked here but will sent to you prior to your stocktake commencing or on request.

You can download our current Business Insurance and Worksafe documents here. These links will automatically link to new documents
A for Assets Business Insurance Certificate of Currency
A for Assets Worksafe Certificate of Currency

Note: All of our stocktakers have Working with Childrens checks. For privacy reasons they are not linked here, however we will send you the WWC for the relevent stocktaker before commencing your stocktake, or on request.

Coronavirus Related

View/Download our COVID Safe Plan

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